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Nagoya isn’t talked about as often as cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. But it’s definitely not a destination to pass on. Japan’s “central city” boasts a wealth of interesting culture and locales to visit. Here are a couple of my favorites, plus some things you can do (and eat) there!

Nagoya Castle

First, let’s start with Nagoya Castle. This castle was constructed in 1612 by Ieyasu Tokugawa. While the original was destroyed in World War II, the reconstructed version has been around since 1957.

You will be able to enter and take a tour inside Nagoya Castle. The views both inside and outside are absolutely stunning. You can also learn more about the culture and history related to the castle. Grab your camera, smartphone, or anything else to bring along when you visit. This fine establishment is sure to make you say, “wow!”

Nagoya Port

Second, if you enjoy taking a nice walk with the relaxing sea breeze blowing into your hair, then Nagoya Port is for you. There is an aquarium, a big Ferris wheel, and a gorgeous seaside to take pictures of.

If you visit Nagoya Port on a sunny day, take a fine gander at the sea and boats as you take a nice stroll. On the other hand, if you visit at night, take a ride on the light-up Ferris wheel for a breathtaking night view from above. Nagoya Port is sure to leave your heart sailing peacefully.

Osu District

Third, there is Osu. In Osu, there is a wonderful shopping district that has both modern and traditional vibes. If you need souvenirs, visit Osu to bring home some pieces of Nagoya to share with friends and family.

For those who enjoy visiting religious sites, there is Osu Kannon Temple. You will get to see and observe traditional Japanese culture in action. If you visit on a special holy occasion, you can even watch various great Buddhist traditions take place. See here for more about experiencing the Osu district.

Also, the Food!

When talking about Nagoya with friends in Japan, you might hear about foods like ‘miso katsu’ or ‘hitsumabushi,’. These are extremely delicious foods to try, and Nagoya prides itself on having a strong tradition of cuisine. We’ve written about it before, in fact! One simply cannot pass up either of these two dishes when visiting Nagoya.

And there you have it! There are many other places in Nagoya to see and talk about, but let these three places mentioned serve as great starters. If you have been to Nagoya before, have you visited any of these three places? What would your three picks be if a friend ever asked you about your experience?

If you plan to visit in the future, do not forget to pack light, bring a camera, and money for everything Nagoya has to offer. Plus, while you’re in the area, consider taking a trip over to nearby Gifu as well!

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