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For those abroad with an interest or dream of living in Japan, this site aims to increase those interests, possibilities, and choices.
And for those living in Japan right now, you will be able to make new discoveries and find new information that “ties” Japan to the rest of the world.

Don’t just live in Japan. Enjoy Japan! Don’t just work in Japan. Experience Japan!


今現在日本で生活をしている人にも、何か新しい発見となることができ、世界と日本の 「結び」になる情報配信をしていきます。

~MUSUBI Categories~

Ishokujyuu(衣食住) – “The necessities of life”: This refers to the foundations of life in Japan (ifuku(衣) = clothes, shokuji (食)= food, and sumai or jyuu(住) = dwelling or living).
Nowadays, “health” (which uses a different kanji(医) but shares the same “i” sound) has become an important element for living a long & fit life. And in order to respect a diversifying culture, we think that “living” is not merely “housing” but another word with the same meaning – “lifestyle”. We aim to categorize information about “health, food & lifestyle” in a way that will help enrich your tie to Japan.


「衣食住」 これは日本で生活をしていく基礎(衣服・食事・住まい)のことを表します。

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~Operating company~

“MUSUBI” is operated by Borderlink, Inc.
Borderlink, Inc. focuses on English and developing international exchange projects, with the goal of increasing opportunities for Japanese children and expanding their future possibilities.

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