Delicious Curry on the Cheap

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Do you think living in Japan is expensive? Well, here’s one of the best “Shufu” (主婦) or housewife tips for you!

Traditionally in Japan it is the wife who manages the household finances. The stereotypical image that results is that she is constantly trying to find ways to save money.

There was a time when Japan had what was called “Sengyou shufu” (専業主婦) or full-time housewives. Nowadays many married women with children have jobs so things are changing, but there are stull many who adopt the full-time housewife lifestyle. This extends to maximizing the most out of your monthly budget, and what better place to start than at the dinner table?

Rice pack + curry pouch + pork cutlet = delicious Japanese-style curry!

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Anyway, back to saving money. The best place to save money on groceries is a kind of supermarket called “Gyoumu Super” (業務スーパー). I truly love it there. Things are so much cheaper than in any other supermarket. Another thing I love (as many at MUSUBI do) is curry! A Japanese-style curry and rice meal with “Tonkatsu” (とんかつ) or deep-fried pork cutlets costs about 1000 yen at a restaurant. Why would you pay that when you can put the meal together yourself for 388 yen?

All you need to do is go to Gyoumu Super, get a pack of microwavable rice for 70 yen each and a pack of ready-made curry pouch for 60 yen each. Get some deep-fried pork cutlets from the local supermarket for 258 yen and you have yourself a delicious Japanese meal for 388 yen! Note, however, that the rice packs and curry pouches are usually sold in packs of three or five. That means you can have the meal three or five times, which is great!

Further Deals at the Gyoumu Super

I haven’t finished with Gyoumu Super yet. It really is super! I bought one kilogram (yes, one KG) of coffee jelly there the other day. It comes in a carton like a carton of milk which is cool. It only cost me 170 yen! And it was delicious! It tasted the same as the coffee jelly I had at Jonathon’s (a popular family restaurant chain). It says it’s for 7-8 people so that works out to be about 23 yen per person for dessert. If you have never tried coffee jelly, now’s your chance!

Gyoumu Supers also specializes in frozen foods and selling in large packs or containers, allowing you to buy in bulk easily. However, there are also fresh fruit and vegetables, a selection of fresh meat, milk, bread, and sometimes lots of imported food. I recommend you check it out. You might find something from your home country that you’ve been craving for, but at the very least you’ll be eating a little more cheaply. Have a great time saving money!


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